Swords Garda Station

The Garda Station was identified by our members in early 2015 as having a number of health and Safety issues as well as needing a general clean up.

Works undertaken

The Swords Garda Station project is now complete. In addition to the works below, late in 2015 FCC installed a seat and a number of bicycle stands near the station to facilitate cyclists and encourage more people to opt for this environmentally friendly mode of transport. Three planters were provided by FCC and planted up by STT, these were put in place as a safety precaution to stop people walking out in front of cars leaving the Garda station.

Works undertaken include:

Repair of damaged handrail from street to front door.

Repair of loose capping of raised brick flower beds.

Replanting of shrubbery to introduce colour.

Painting of lamp standards in black and gold.

Varnishing of front door and painting of Garda sign.

Incorporation of bicycle stands.

Hanging baskets places on building façade.