St. Colmcille’s Well


St. Colmcille’s Well is of great historical significance within the town of Swords, it is reputed to be where Swords got its name when St. Colmcille blessed the well of clear water, “Sord” being the Irish for ‘clear or pure’. STT identified the area around the Well as a project where improvements could be made as the appearance and presentation of the area did not reflect its great historical significance. We started work in late 2015 and plan to complete in 2016. This project has been funded 50% by FCC and 50% by STT with the support and sponsorship of local business.

Phase 1

Widen the footpath – Worked with FCC to widen the footpath to accommodate two people passing, a stroller and a child walking side by side or wheelchair users

Phase 2

Build a small retaining wall – We decided to build a stone wall to match the streetscape thus helping to define and improve the area. We excavated the foundations for the wall and poured concrete. The stone wall was built with the voluntary help of a local craftsman and the Tus workers

Phase 3

Design Rockery, select plants and plant. Create flowerbed and plant bulbs around the base of trees

Phase 4

Install 2 seats as a tribute and a long lasting remembrance to members of STT who have passed away

Phase 5

Install a new sign alongside the well informing the community of the historical significance of the site.

Phase 6

Relaunch the Holy Well at a dedication ceremony with invitees from Local Community groups, Residents associations, County Councillor’s, Local Authorities and Local Business. Late May 2016.