Who we are


Our Volunteers

There is a core group of 30 – 35 volunteers, with whom we stay in weekly contact through social media, emails and text messages. They attend our weekly clean ups when available, and are available during our planting seasons. Our volunteers are very much a multi-national group reflecting the population of Swords as a whole. There are 14 nationalities in the core group of volunteers.

Our Team

ChairpersonKen Duffy
SecretaryTeresa Cosgrave
TreasurerIsobel McClean
Schools Liaison/Mapping Matt Cullen
Polytunnel and Flower Manager Rose Brennan
Web Editorial TeamWillem & Hilary Klompenhouwer
Ramune Kuzminiene
Social Media AccountsFacebook – Ken Duffy, Twitter – Ramune Kuzminiene, Instagram & TikTok – Luke Corkery
Community Planning and Involvement Teresa Cosgrave
Streetscape & Public Places   Mary Maxwell
Nature and BiodiversityRamune Kuzminiene
Sustainability George Mongey
Tidiness and Litter ControlNoel Cosgrave
Green Spaces and Landscaping Rose Brennan
Residential Streets & Housing Areas Grace Dunne
Approach Roads, Streets & LanesBilly McClean
Children are always welcome to come along, as long as they stay with a parent