River Clean Up

We are very proud of our Ward River that flows through the heart of the Swords town. Every year we organise a big river cleanup in spring, normally around May or June, but we always keep an eye on it and clean it as often as necessary. It is always a very enjoyable and satisfying experience for all involved.


River Cleanup December 2019

World Cleanup Day 2019

World Cleanup Day was held on Saturday, September 21. To mark the occasion STT decided to do a clean up of the River Ward, in addition to our regular litter picking and taking care of our plants about the town. On the day there was a large turnout of our regular volunteers, and we were also joined by some visitors including a family group from France. So all of the tasks on our list were completed. It was disappointing to see how many cans, bottles, metal objects and paper had been thrown into the water. However, our group is determined to keep the Ward River as pristine as possible to provide a haven for fish and bird life.

River Cleanup June 2019

River Cleanup January 2019

River Cleanup May 2018