Completed Projects


Brackenstown Road Mural

Frontline Workers Commemorative Garden

Phase 1 – Ground preparation, planting, benches installation and the launch.

Wildflower Garden

At the side of Drynam Road off the Malahide Road we have transformed a large green area into a Wildflower Garden, the site has been cleared and rotavated and the seeds have been planted. This project was funded by the DAA.

Upgrade of the Perennial Flowerbed at Pinnock Hill

In May 2021 we have restructured and slightly expanded the existing flower bed, planted some more pollinators friendly plants and mulched the the flowerbed to slow down the weeds. This flowerbed was formerly looked after by FCC.

Flower bed extension at Welcome to Swords Sign

We have doubled the size of the current flower bed at one of our Welcome to Swords signs near the Fingallians GAA roundabout by adding a good amount of pollinators friendly plants. We used mulch as a way to suppress the weeds.

Planters at Cross Care

River Walk Project

Step 1 – Ground preparation for laying the grass

Step 2 – Laying grass, planting flowers

Step 3 – Expanding the area: clearing the undergrowth on the riverbank, painting the wall and removing graffiti – all while being visited by RTÉ Nationwide.

Step 4 – Planting on the riverbank

Step 5 – More planting along the river walkway

Step 6 – Ongoing planting, mulching and maintenance (2020 – 2021)

Step 7 – Connecting a neglected area around the corner to the river walk planting.

Flowerbed Installation at Colaiste Choilm Entrance

STT wanted to improve the entrance to Colaiste Choilm – the school situated on the Dublin Road which is one of the main roads leading to Swords village. 

Creating the flower bed allowed us to rejuvenate an area that was neglected for a very long time. We planted  plants that will provide colour and interest all year round.  We planted some evergreen plants, shrubs and lots of perennial pollinators friendly flowers like Salvia, Calluna Vulgaris, Rudbeckia, Erigeron, Lavender, Echinacea, Aster, Hebe and many others.

Once we completed the planting Fingal County Council extended the path to complete the project.

Have a look at our before, between and after photos in the gallery below:

Urban Art Project

Our urban art project was completed in January 2020 and is a continuation of the river walk project.

Sprucing up vacant buildings on Main Street

Swords Tidy Towns have been concerned about the detariorating state of the recently closed down Lord Mayor’s Pub and a little cottage across the road from it. The permission was given to access the premises of Lord Mayor’s so the entranceway visible from the Main street can be tidied up. Seven of our volunteers spent a couple of hours sweeping the leaves and debris, and rescuing forgotten plants.

Eric and Noel teamed up to improve the look of the cottage by replacing the broken glass in the door and giving them a new bright look.

Robert Hammond who had been working with us on another project before, had agreed to do some art on boarded up windows of the Lord Mayor’s as well as those of the cottage. Have a look at the final result in the gallery below:

Inclusiveness Project near the Malahide Roundabout

This was the brain child of two of Swords Tidy Towns members, Mary Maxwell and Matt Cullen. The aim was to celebrate the wide diversity of age groups and cultural backgrounds within Swords Tidy Towns, which reflects the general population of the Fingal Council area. It was in recognition of this diversity that we were awarded the National Tidy Towns Diversity Award in 2017. Since then our group has grown with the addition new members of all ages and diverse cultural backgrounds

The sleepers were installed under the watchful eyes of Matt Cullen, Mary Maxwell and Billy McClean. They were also involved in the painting. The staff at Colourtrend advised on the correct stain for the sleepers. Lindsey Balfe, a teacher at St Finians Community College, cut out all the letters and made the logos.

Groups of our enthusiastic volunteers spent many Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings digging and weeding  the site close to the Malahide Roundabout. Excellent advice for the choice of plants and how to plant them was given by Martin Nulty and Martin Tully.  Fingal Council Operations Department under Colin Rigney  cleared the site before we dug. They provided the mulch, which was spread by our members after our planting. We were joined one Saturday morning by the 164th Brackenstown Bobcats cubs, who helped with the planting.

On the evening of Tuesday, May 30, 2019, the Inclusiveness Sculpture and garden were launched. The ribbon was cut by Fingal Mayor Eoghan O’Brien.

Swords Tidy Towns Art Project 2018/2019

Swords Tidy Towns Art Project is on display at the Castle Shopping Centre Swords. Three pieces have been put on display, two more will be added shortly. The project is a collaborative one with Snowflakes, Prosper Fingal, Fingal Community College, Youthreach and Swords Seniors Club.
This was a collaborative effort supported by Fingal County Council and many local community people and the local business community too. The project incorporated the clean-up of areas of Swords Ward River pathways, the clean-up and replanting of shrubs and flowers by Swords Tidy Towns Volunteers. The creative community artwork was combined in this project in order to encourage the engagement through creativity with the local groups and the community of Swords Town.

Some core Team members of STT and local Artists wanted to increase the inclusion of local people in a creative way. Local schools and local organisations were involved in this project work to create and display artwork within the town of Swords. ( Castle shopping centre car park, Open Art Gallery was born!)

This artwork was to represent the historical connection to Swords Castle and some of Swords history, and the present creative and diverse community of Swords today, from school age children right up to the Seniors of Swords. Using the combined ideas and input to designs, the groups represented a total of five art board designs that were created using local spaces like YouthReach Centre, North Street and St. Colmcilles GAA sports centre, to paint and create the art boards for the project. Three of the art boards have now been installed on the car park wall at Swords Castle Shopping centre: the Brian Boru board (Swords History), “Snowflakes” board (local support group for children with Autism) and ”Inside the Swords Norman castle” (tax collection day! Artist impression!) The other two boards are hoped to be completed over the summer and are to be installed by the end of August for everyone to enjoy!

The project involved a massive amount of planning, meetings with local people and artists over a year of work. There are so many local supporters of the project to thank and it is the beginning of hopefully many more wonderful community based projects of creativity within the swords area to come, a fitting introduction to the wonderful plans ahead for the cultural quarters at Swords Castle!

Big Thanks to: Fingal County Council, DAA Group, ColourTrend, Swords Towns people, Tully`s Plant Centre, Woodies, Lidl, Aldi…..Core Team: Ken, Mary, Matt, George, Saida, Miriam, Eamon, Liadan, Liliana, Siobhan, Orla, Billy. All YouthReach staff, David, Eddie, Fran, Jason, GAA Centre Staff , Alfie, Graham, Marian for providing the space to produce the artwork, and many more for their help in pulling this together ……..

Sentry Box

In June 2019, artist Orla Jones painted the sentry box at the entrance to Castle Shopping Centre as part of a Swords Tidy Towns art project. Check out these before and after photos!

The Bug Hotel – Pinnockhill Roundabout

Our Swords Tidy Towns member David Madden put his extensive carpentry skills into producing this 5 star bug hotel which was officially launched in April 2019. Happy stay!

Old Water Pump House Project – Brackenstown Road

In January 2019 our dedicated volunteers of Swords Tidy Towns have transformed the old water pump house into a beautiful planter for all to admire.

Rock Garden Park – Rathbeale Road Swords

Rock Garden Park derived its name from its former use as a quarry. For many years it remained an empty paddock, before Swords Tidy Towns and Fingal County Council collaborated to turn it into a valuable public amenity. Two of our members, Mary Maxwell and Matt Cullen, were involved in the design of this park.

St. Colmcille’s Well

 St. Colmcille’s Well is of great historical significance within the town of Swords, it is reputed to be where Swords got its name when St. Colmcille blessed the well of clear water, “Sord” being the Irish for ‘clear or pure’. Swords Tidy Towns identified the area around the Well as a project where improvements could be made as the appearance and presentation of the area did not reflect its great historical significance. We started work in late 2015 and completed it in 2016. This project has been funded 50% by FCC and 50% by Swords Tidy Towns with the support and sponsorship of local business.