Citizen Science

Irish Garden Bird Survey

A group of our volunteers are taking part in this year’s (2021/2022) Irish garden birds survey which is running from the end of November till the end of February.

Clean Air Together

“Clean Air Together project involves members of the public and the business community measuring Dublin’s air quality. It is a citizen science project where approximately 1,000 participants are recording levels of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) pollution in their local area. It is a joint project between the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Environmental Education Unit of An Taisce.” (Clean Air Together, 2021)

We were absolutely delighted that six of our volunteers have been selected to take part in this project. Watch the video below to see some of the captured moments during the duration of this project.

WaterBlitz event

“A WaterBlitz is a FreshWater Watch activity for the whole community. Usually hosted over one weekend, members of the public can sign up to receive a free water testing kit and become citizen scientists by testing a water body local to them. The data collected by hundreds of people over this same time period gives us an accurate and comparable snapshot of water health within a region.” (FreshWater Watch, 2021)

This year WaterBlitz event was held on the 7th-10th of May, 2021 in Thames Valley, Dublin, Paris and Luxembourg. Dublin event was coordinated by the DCU Water Institute.

Swords Tidy Towns took a chance to participate in this Citizen Science initiative. Four teams have been organised to test five different locations of our local River Ward. It has been a very fun and educational experience for our volunteers, and we’re hoping to continue our participation in WaterBlitz events in the years to come.