Nature & Biodiversity

Nature and biodiversity is one of the most important focus areas of Swords Tidy Towns. We plan our activities and projects with the aim to protect our local wildlife and encourage biodiversity. It is a continuous process of educating ourselves and adapting our workflows to increase the positive impact on our environment.

This page is divided into three sections: the first one is our blog where we will be sharing our latest news and discoveries in this area. The second one is aimed at satisfying your visual senses with our own photos of fauna & flora in Swords. And the last section is dedicated to the most useful resources online.

Do not forget to take a look at our climate change awareness video at the bottom of this page!

Nature & Biodiversity Blog

Swords Tidy Towns members are actively participating in different courses, workshops and talks throughout the year. Many of them are aimed at incouraging biodiversity in our communities, discovering and protecting local wildlife. In this blog we will be sharing our discoveries, tips and lessons learned from those events. We will also keep you updated on all our big and small projects in this area.

Biodiversity in Swords: a nature gallery

Take a look at Swords through the lens of our local nature and biodiversity.

Useful links

Here you can find a list of local, national and international environmental organisations. Their websites have a vast amount of high quality information on biodiversity, wildlife issues and related issues.