Greyhound Estates Competition

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Tidy Estates Competition

In August 2018 we ran our inaugural Tidy Estates Competition, it was sponsored by Greyhound Household. We were delighted to see that 14 estates entered the competition; this was a very good response for the first one.

The competition was judged by two STT volunteers and one member of Greyhound Household. Estates received marks for the upkeep of common areas (50%) and Houses and Gardens (50%)

The winning estate was Highfields who received €500 for use on common areas, a free skip and a plaque to display at the entrance to their estate. They were closely followed by Glen Ellen and Sandford Woods in second place and Ballintrane Wood in third place who both received a free skip.

It was a great success as it really brought communities together, in fact we have received high praise from two of the estates who entered. Carlton Court thought is was a great way to meet the neighbours, make new friends, have some fun and do some good while doing so. Ballintrane Woods tell us that the estate became really united at the time of the Tidiest Estates competition and they are eagerly awaiting this year’s competition.

We are delighted to say that Greyhound has agreed to sponsor the 2019 Tidiest Estates competition.  Estates will receive marks this year for the upkeep of common areas (40%); gardens (30%) and house exteriors (30%). Prizes will be the same as 2018 . Our resident’s liaison tells us that there is a lot more interest this year and to expect more entries!

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