Greyhound Estates Competition

Swords Tidy Estate Winners Announced
Swords Tidy Towns, in conjunction with Greyhound Household,  has announced the winners of this year’s tidy estates competition. Joint Winners are Carlton Court and Knocksedan Demesne. Highfields came 2nd and St. Andrews 3rd. A total of 15 estates entered the competion this year. Additionally,Balintrane  Woods, Glebe Hill , Glen Allen/Sandford Woods and Rivervalley Lawn won badges of merit.

The scoring out of a possible 90 points was:
Carlton Court and Knocksedan Demesne  -85
Highfields                                                         -80
St. Andrews                                                      -79
Balintrane Wood                                             -76
Glebe Hill                                                          -72
Glen Ellen/Sandford Woods                         -71
Rivervalley Lawns                                           -71
Bunbury Gate                                                   -70
Comyn Manor                                                  -68
Rivervalley Rise                                               -68
Hilltown Lawn                                                 -65
Drynam Hall Estate                                        -62
Seatown Villas                                                  -60
Ashley Estate                                                    -56

The winners receive €250 each, plus a free skip and a winners plaque.
Second receives a free skip and plaque.
Third receives a free skip and plaque.
Those who won a badge of merit receive a plaque.
Ken Duffy, Chair of Swords Tidy Towns, described this year’s entries as incredible. “We saw an enormous improvement in the presentation of the estates compared to last year with all making a huge effort to improve common areas and gardens. We found it impossible to separate the joint winners.  This is a very important competition for us in terms of the overall national competition. Swords won a silver medal  last year and the estates competition should help us improve on that. Congratulations to all.”
John Brosnan, Managing Director of Greyhound Group said: “We have run several Tidy Estates competitions around Dublin and the standard in Swords is of the highest order. We know how much hard work and effort the Swords Tidy Towns committee puts in and it’s no surprise that Swords is scoring very highly in the national competition. Congratulations to all the entries and we hope to welcome more estates into the competition next year”.

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