Members of STT were particularly interested in the episode of “Nationwide”, which went to air on RTE 1 on Friday, 27 September. At last they would be able to see the segment that was filmed on June 26. A crew from “Nationwide” had been sent to do a follow up on our 2017 “Diversity Award” win. In fact, the number of members from different cultural backgrounds has now increased to 14 – within a core group of 30 members. This is a true reflection of the multicultural nature of Sword’s general population. In her interview Isa Sawad, a Phd student originally from Iraq, told of her reason for joining Tidy Towns. She realised that it was the best way to improve her local environment. Speaking equally passionately about improving our town were Ramune Kuzminiene from Lithuania and Daniella Turrini from Italy, who have settled down in Swords with their young families. Their children, aged from 6 to 8, regularly come out to help us on Saturday mornings.
Also interviewed were retired couple, Rose and Gerry Brennan, who are dedicated to growing and maintaining our plants. During the summer months, they go out on two extra nights every week. Rose also spoke about the camraderie and fun shared by our group.
Talents of some of our other members were also highlighted by “Nationwide”. Matt Cullen spoke enthusiastically about the projects in which he and Mary Maxwell have been involved. He is a talented artist, and Mary does a wonderful job choosing appropriate plants for different areas. They were the masterminds behind our “Inclusiveness” project, which celebrates the positive ethos of STT. At the Malahide Road roundabout, the sleepers show our values, and our plants have transformed a former piece of waste ground. These two were also involved in a joint project with Fingal County Council. The “Rock Garden”, which featured in the show, has become a place for young and old to relax. An empty green field has become an oasis of peace for our townfolk thanks to the tranquil rock garden, imaginative sculpture and seating arrangements.
Our chairman, Ken Duffy, explained how our Polytunnel is used for educational purposes such as the YouthReach programme, as well as a means of growing our plant stock.
“Nationwide” shone a very positive spotlight on the work done by all our dedicated volunteers. They were filmed working hard on yet another ambitious project – making the area by the Ward River an attractive area for locals to enjoy. On that glorious summer day, the whole town looked at its best with its hanging baskets and planters bursting with colour. With Swords Castle in the background, it looked like an ideal tourist spot.
For those who missed the show or who would like to see it again, it can be accessed on RTE Player.

Rose and Gerry Brennan

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