Re-use and upcycle of discarded musical instruments initiative

Swords Tidy Towns have instigated an Upcycling initiative which involves finding new homes for unwanted Musical Instruments. The initiative was a great success with the two local schools we approached. Their music teachers were delighted to take the instruments from us saying it was a fantastic project. We have had expressions of interest from other schools in the Swords area who would like to link up with us on this project.
Swords Tidy Towns are sending out a request to our many followers and their families and friends to contact us if they are willing to donate a musical instrument in reasonable condition to be used in a teaching environment. Any musically orientated groups out there in need of instruments who wish to partake in this project please register your interest and we will contact you. The contact for donations and registering is Ken Duffy Chairperson 0866008313.

Loreto College students with their music teacher Brian
Fingal Community College Students Choir Group

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