The Litter Slob

Enjoy the newest poem by our Swords Tidy Towns Chairperson and take a look at our new poster designed to tackle the problem of discarded face masks around the town.

The Litter Slob
By Ken Duffy
Have you seen the litter, left by litter slobs
No respect for others, environmental yobs
Baskets hanging, with a multitude of colour
Planters on Streets, they couldn't be fuller
Countrywide, Tidy Towns do what they can
Out in all weather, are this volunteer clan
In Hi-Vis, they sweep, crop and clean
In towns and villages, efforts can be seen
Asking for nothing, they toil each day
Picking up rubbish, keeping weeds at bay
Graffiti nationwide, has gotten out of hand
Adds to the workload, of this working band
Never losing heart, continuing with a smile
No matter how high, our rubbish does pile
If you see them out, say doing a great job
Good luck in the battle, against the litter slob

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