Annual River Ward Cleanup

The weather was just perfect for STT’s river cleanup on Saturday, May 28. We had an pleasing turnout of volunteers of all ages, who were keen to tackle the litter in the River Ward. Those wading in the river passed up bags of discarded bottles, cans and general waste to the helpers on the banks. In total 21 bags of litter were taken to the designated collection point. 

Saturday’s haul also included: two office chairs, a car battery, a pallet, a traffic cone, five jumpers (including a Christmas-themed one), and a pair of shoes. 

While one team was engaged in the river cleanup, another team met at our polytunnel to prepare donated plants for re-potting in the Town Centre Mall. Marie, a keen gardener and a member of the Women’s Shed, joined us for the first time. 

Many of the existing,  tired-looking plants at the mall were then replaced by our volunteers. The remainder of this work will be completed in the coming week.

Councillor Anne Graves and her grandson Noah, (a budding gardener), joined us at the mall for the planting. 

The local businesses were very pleased with the result so far.

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