Where Ravens Fly

By Ken Duffy

In famous Fingal, where the ravens fly
With dark wings spread, they rule the sky
The town of Swords, is at Fingals heart
To tell its story, where should one start

St Colmcille, established an abbey here
Round tower remains, you can see it clear
At the Clontarf battle, Brian Boro was slain
Freeing the Irish, from the Viking chain

His son Murchad, also died on that day
That was the price, Eire had to pay
Father and son, were brought to Swords town
At Colmcilles Abbey, bodies were laid down

Both King and Son, were waked at this site
Monks prayed for them, throughout the night
St Colmcilles Well, down the Well Road
Is housed in a domicile, a small humble abode

It is said that the water, is clear and pure
For various ailments, it’s a remedy and cure
End of Main St, the Bishops Palace stands
Withstanding the attacks, of marauding bands

Standing as a beacon, it reminds us all
Of a long history, when knights used to call
This County Town, has much more to its past
Many historical stories, with a colorful cast

The 1916 uprising, has many stories to be told
Of both men and women, courageous and bold
A proud history, walks down our main street
Most of us unaware, as we mingle and greet

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