Cromwell Was Here

By Ken Duffy

It is said that St Colmcille, founded our town
When in 560, his abbey bricks were laid down
He blessed the water, now St Colmcilles well
More of Swords history, I will now try to tell

At Colmcilles church, situated in Chapel Lane
A great son of Ireland, his body it is lain
Andrew Kettle, was Parnell’s right-hand man
Both had a vision, from our shores British ban

Old Boro school, now a pub visited by many
Was built for the poor, who didn’t have a penny
The Schoolhouse pub, with many the bar stool
Believe it or not, was Swords first junior school

Round tower and clock tower, stand side by side
One catholic one protestant, standing with pride
Which tower is which, I wonder do you know?
Clock tower is protestant, now go on, have a go

Sixth century is the round, 14th century the square
In 1827 St Columba’s chapel was built there
The 17thcentury Vicarage, is just across the road
A vicar’s family lodgings, that was their abode

Clock in the tower, was added at a later date
Donated by the Molesworth’s, of the same faith
At Brackentown House, Molesworth’s did reside
Jonathan Swift he visited, for many a horse ride

Cromwell and his officers, also dined at the estate
A person the Irish, learned to loathe and hate
Mary Molesworth, known as the Captive Princess
Husband kept her captive, marriage was a mess

So much history, of which we should be proud
Yet it is only talked about, amongst a small crowd
Swords history is a secret, and known to very few
With many more golden nuggets, waiting for you

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