Swords Tidy Towners

By Ken Duffy

Tidy Towners we, and very proud of that
Volunteer of the year, is Tidy Towner Matt
Saturday mornings, at 10.30 we meet
To clean up litter, up and down every street

Graffiti the menace, an annoyance to us all
In parts of our town, it’s even wall to wall
Fly postering, an irritation to be scratched
Cheek of some people, is hard to be matched

Fly tipping, is an environmental crime
Attracting vermin, to its stench and grime
River clean ups, we organise twice a year
Removing rubbish, to keep it nice and clear

Flowers we plant, bring colour to our town
Beautiful baskets, contents hanging down
Swords Tidy Towners, a hard working crew
Deserve your support, they do it all for you

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