Cleanups during coronavirus outbreak

Like everybody else, Swords Tidy Towns have been hugely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Social distancing and cocooning requirements, challenges with childcare, and also some of our members being healthcare providers have meant that we were not able to meet up for our regular Saturday cleanups in town. Despite all this, Swords Tidy Towns volunteers have not stopped caring and looking after the town of Swords. Since the very start of this pandemic, some of our members have been regularly litter picking within the required 2 km radius of their homes. Other members got involved in a social distancing group cleanup which was organised and supported by Fingal Dog Owners Group, Swords Civil Defence, Cllr. Ann Graves, Cllr. Dean Mulligan, and some amazing local residents in Swords Manor. Other STT volunteers got their whole families involved in cleaning up the River Valley (The Jacko) park. A shocking amount of rubbish, dog fouling and dumping sites were discovered and cleaned up in the local park and nearby areas. The gallery below highlights the extent and the seriousness of the situation and also the amazing community effort in cleaning it up. Well done to all involved!

Take care of the Earth and she will take care of you” – Author Unknown

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